It all began when we found ourselves frustrated by the lack of plastic-free haircare options available in our neighbourhood. We wanted hair products that used only the best quality naturally derived ingredients, gave us shiny, healthy hair and importantly, had no plastic packaging. We weren’t keen on the harsh soap bars that were being sold as the alternative to bottled shampoo, so we looked instead to milder soap-free detergents derived from coconut. With our collective backgrounds in design, visual art and social sciences it was no surprise to our family and friends when we decided to make it ourselves.

We began by making shampoo and conditioner bars for our own personal use. We tested a lot of formulations to get it just how we wanted it. When our friends and family saw the results, they started asking for shampoo and conditioner bars for themselves, so we made more. Then their friends and family started asking for them too. We realised this was something a lot of people wanted, so we decided to start a little company.

St James Supply Co is a little family business living in Perth, Western Australia. We love our local community and care about the future of our planet. Our intent is to supply great hair care to our local community; however, we will happily ship to other locations. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.