ELIA balms & blends was founded in October 2018 and is run by us, Mia and Jane. The letters of ELIA are a combination of our family’s first names. Mia is creator and Tech and Jane is pretty much all the other stuff and we make all big decisions as a team.

They are a small WA family business and proud of the products they have crafted for you. Which, you can will is now more than just the Pure deodorant blend. Over time they would like to offer you a suite of quality everyday body products that makes choosing natural easy.

They pride themselves on running a business that has integrity, quality and openness as its defining values. They aim to offer the kind of experience we appreciate from other businesses: responsive, honest, friendly and knowledgeable service that continues to improve as we learn and grow.

ELIA balms & blends was created by a desire to make natural products that ticked all the boxes:no chemicals, quality ingredients that your body will love.